Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pallavi Chaoji Dharve ...... Maa


Life hit you hard, you trembelled, you cried, you fell... but you always stood upright..
For the two pairs of twinkling eyes u had always alight ...
A lot was dreamd, a lot was wished, a lot was hoped for...
And the Storm came.. tried to shatter it all.. But I know...
Mother.. You shielded us with your feathers to protect our dreams, we hopefully wished for...

You Held our hands to teach us right..
Pulled us back when we fell slight...
Taught us wisdom so we enlighten..
Stood awake, day and night... for our future bright..

You taught.. Life cannot defeat ,unless we withdraw..
But.. Fight back so hard that life itself withdraw...

Your eyes have witnessed colossal
Your heart has cried rivers
Your legs have ached immensely
But your back never leaned, For you held us above your shoulders..

You have been our everything and will always be ..
For we know.. We are your everything and will always be...

As till now.. together we have, yet again we will..
For I Know.. Thou shall give us the Will....

My heart feels profound, but I am short of Words..
Your Lord knows it all that you are my Lords..

I Love You MOM..

--Pallavi Chaoji Dharve


  1. very nicely and tenderly written poem.......


  2. बहुत सुन्दर.... पल्लवी को खूब आशीष..तुम्हें आभार.

  3. वक्त कैसे बीत जाता है। .... आभार निवेदिता। ....पल्लवी ने जो लिखा वो अनमोल उपहार है मेरे लिए और तुमने सहेजा ये मेरा सम्मान